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Here is the 4-1-1 on this
Can't Miss, Old-School Party!!!!
A classic party that featured nothing but old school music...everybody is invited and welcome
[young, old, and in between]
Next Saturday--08.09.2003
[and every 2nd Saturday of the month]
Wear what YOU WANT...relaxed dress code ...jeans, denim, and shorts are OK [especially since it's summer right now].
** Please rock some old school gear **
[if you can dig it up in your wardrobe]
Doors open @ 10pm [party until 3am]
FREE admission before 11pm
[only $10 after 11pm]
Copeland's in Buckhead
Just North of Piedmont & Peachtree
[3365 Piedmont Road]
Near Tower Place Movie Theatres
DJ Tron & DJ Motion
Spinning all your favorites
This event has already earned the VIP CERTIFICATION as a classic Old School Party...done.
The Usual OLD SCHOOL Suspects:
Keshia Walker, Brad Walton, Marvin Arrington, Jr., Donald Jarmond, Marlon K. Nichols,
and RM [the bald guy] Lathan
Website: ya think you qualify as "Old School" in our book?
Let's see how many of these QUALIFYING QUESTIONS you can hit:

[of course, it's all relative...and in good fun]
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  1. Do you remember when Janet Jackson was cute little "Penny" [tryin' not to get burned by the iron]?
  2. Did you ever wear IZOD...and it was actually "fly"?
  3. Did you ever use the word "fly"?
  4. Do you remember when jerri curls were actually IN STYLE?
  5. Did you ever wear a jerri curl?
  6. Do you remember ATARI 2600 Game System? Or theCommodore 64? or the Apple II Plus or the Apple IIe?
  7. Do you remember when computer modems required you to place the phone receiver on a cradle device to begin connecting?
  8. Do you remember Space Invaders? Or Frogger? Or Galaga? Or about PONG?
  9. Do you remember postage stamps being ten [10] cents?
  10. Do you remember record stores actually selling "RECORDS?"
  11. Do you remember saving up your money and buying your very first 45 record or that really special "LP"?
  12. Do you remember the little adaptor/insert that we used to have to use so our 45s would work on our turntables?
  13. Do you remember when CDs were very NEW technology and it was tough to find them in the record stores?
  14. Do you remember when Bill Cosby was a spy on his TV show?
  15. Did you ever have a hi-top fade hair style?
  16. Did you ever have your barber cut diaganol parts in your hair or other designs like logos, initials, etc?
  17. Do you remember Oran Juice Jones said: "you just a squirrel tryin' to get a nut"?
  18. Do you remember who sang "Brass Monkey....That Funky Monkey"?
  19. Do you remember that year when we heard about 15 different versions of "Roxanne, Roxanne" on the radio?
  20. Do you remember when the USA boycotted the Olympic games in Moscow?
  21. Do you remember DR. J battling against Larry Bird?
  22. Do you remember Michael Jordan & James Worthy beating Patrick Ewing for the NCAA Championship?
  23. Do you remember when MAGIC JOHNSON was a rookie and he had to play CENTER for the Lakers in the Championship?
  24. Do you remember when Magic Johnson and Larry Bird battled for the NCAA Championship in 1979?
  25. Do you remember watching SPEED RACER?Do you remember Mighty Isis? Do you remember Ultra Man?
  26. Do you remember Pop Rocks?
  27. Did you ever have a Rubik's Cube?
  28. Do you remember when Star Wars was the "original"....before they told us that we had NEVER SEEN "episode one" nor "episode two" yet [to confuse us even more, the STAR WARS we saw is actually EPISODE 4 since Episode 3 is yet to come, eh?]
  29. Do you remember when touch tone phones were NEW?
  30. Do you remember when CALL WAITING was NEW?
  31. Do you remember when BETA video recorders were "all that"?
  32. Do you remember the unfortunate Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy?
  33. Do you remember the US hostages in Iran?
  34. Do you remember when riding the MARTA train was only 75 cents?
  35. Do you remember when cable TV was NEW to your neighborhood?
  36. Do you remember when Coca-Cola had a clothing line that was a lot like Benneton?
  37. Do you remember BEAT STREET the movie?
  38. Do you remember getting some old cardbord and trying to spin on your head and your Mom thought you were going to break your neck?
  39. Do you remember the Ford Pinto?
  40. Do you remember Eastern Airlines?
  41. Do you remember Woolworths?
  42. Do you remember when McDonald's had only served about 15 million...and it was exciting to see them UPDATE the sign outside of the restaurant [before they got lazy and just decided to post "Billions and Billions Served"]?
  43. Do you remember when FAX Machines were considered very hi-tech?
  44. Do you remember Le Freak...from Chic?
  45. Do you remember Car Wash...from Rose Royce?
  46. Do you remember Disco Inferno...from The Tramps?
  47. Do you remember Turn The Beat Around...from Vici Sue Robinson?
  48. Do you remember Shake Your Groove Thing...from Peaches & Herb?
  49. Do you remember the Fat Boys? Kid N' Play? De La Soul?
  50. Do you remember when TuPac was down w/ the Digitial Underground doing the Humpty Dance w/ Shock G?
  51. Do you remember Ready for the World?
  52. Do you remember DeBarge?
  53. Do you remember Jody Whatley?
  54. Do you remember Soul II Soul?
  55. Do you remember wearing Skidz?
  56. Do you remember girls wearing those "jelly" shoes?
  57. Do you remember when LL Cool J said "I can't live WITHOUT MY RADIO !!"
  58. Do you remember when we elected a former actor as the LEADER of the USA?
  59. Did you ever wear a MEMBERS ONLY jacket?
  60. Do you remember the NFL teams being Cardinals in St. Louis or The Baltimore team being the Colts?
  61. Do you remember the Boston Garden, The Philadelphia Spectrum, The Omni in Atlanta, or the Forum in LA?
  62. Do you remember when Bill Cosby tried to convince us in that "NEW COKE" was all that in adverts?
  63. Do you remember DJ FRANK SKI on WDCU on his show: "Breaker's Delight?"
  64. Do your remember V-103 had "The Fresh Party" and that was the only time you could hear hip-hop on that station [8p-10p]?
  65. Do you remember Egyptian Lover, Planet Rock, The Beat Goes On, and Cheap Thrills ?
  66. Do you remember all those white songs and videos your like but never admitted to watching like the Eurhythmics, ABC, Men at Work, DeVo, Billy Idol etc.
  67. Do you remember jammin' to Full Force, The Time, Vanity 6, Cool Moe Dee, Heavy D & The Boys, The Jets, and Terence Trent D'arby?
  68. Do you watch VH1's "I love the Eighties" specials and actually remember everything they mention?
  69. Do you remember when millions of people woke up @ 5AM [USA Eastern Time] to watch Prince Charles & Lady Diana get married in London via live TV?
  70. Do you remember that really cool car called DELOREAN?
  71. Do you remember Tubbs & Crockett on Miami Vice? Do you remember when those actors tried to be Pop Music stars?
  72. Do you remember Sara Jessica Parker [many years before Sex & The City] when she was on a TV show called "Square Pegs"?
  73. Do you remember Clubber Lang [Mr. T.] saying: "Prediction??? Pain!!!!"
  74. Do you remember when the YUGO hit the US market and was the only NEW car around going for only $3,840.00?
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